Episode #2


Guest: Johanna Hartelius

Series: (her)men*you*tics

Host: Jason Micheli

September 13, 2017

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“And so in remembrance of these your mighty acts in Jesus Christ, we offer ourselves…”
In the Eucharist we remember so that the past might be made present that we might be consumed by what we consume in order that we become what we eat. In other words, this word: anamnesis. We talk with Dr. Johanna Hartelius in this second episode of (her)men*you*tics about Plato, the Prayer of Great Thanksgiving, and the particular way the peculiar people called Christians remember. Check it out.
Each week we’ll be tackling a theological term that you’ve either heard before or you’ve heard it doing its work in worship whether you realized it or not. We’re going alphabetically, 2 words per letter, and we’re doing it all in 25 minutes or less.


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