Episode #274

Black Lives Matter

Guest: Malcolm Foley

Series: Crackers and Grape Juice

Host: Jason Micheli

September 1, 2020

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“If the American Christian wishes to live out the gospel they claim to believe, they must seek racial justice in their personal relationships and in the world around them. Anything less crucifies the Savior anew and puts him to open shame. We have tasted of God’s indiscriminate grace and mercy. To justify death with subtle manifestations of partiality, greed, and pride is to, by our actions, deny the person and work of Christ. That is admittedly strong language, but it is not unprecedented, as I follow in the line of Black Christian anti-lynching thought and work. As Francis Grimke so aptly put it, “race prejudice can’t be talked down; it must be lived down,” and Black people have been trying to live it down ever since it reared its infernal head. It’s about time that the universal Church joined us in that endeavor. Lives have been, are, and will be at stake.”

After a summer of racially motivated murder and civil unrest and in advance of our book study on James Cone’s The Cross and the Lynching Tree, here’s a special live episode we did with Malcolm Foley of Baylor University on the history of lynching in the Church.

To sign up for the book study, go to www.crackersandgrapejuice.com.



Jason Micheli

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