Episode #10

Jesus is the Story of the Kingdom

Guest: Stanley Hauerwas

Series: You are Not Accepted

Host: Team

June 17, 2020

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“The cross is not a sign of the church’s quiet, suffering submission to the powers-that-be, but rather the church’s revolutionary participation in the victory of Christ over those powers. The cross is not a symbol for general human suffering and oppression. Rather, the cross is a sign of what happens when one takes God’s account of reality more seriously than Caesar’s. The cross stands as God’s (and our) eternal no to the powers of death, as well as God’s eternal yes to humanity, God’s remarkable determination not to leave us to our own devices.”

Johanna, Jason, and Teer discuss ‘Jesus the Story of the Kingdom,’ one of the concluding chapters from ‘The Peaceable Kingdom’ (1983).

Christian ethics is about being schooled in the narrative of Jesus and discipleship. It is not about what you would do in a hypothetical situation, it is about forming people who will act in a particular way when those situations come up.



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