Episode #16

The Christian Message, the Work of Theology, and the New Humanism

Guest: Stanley Hauerwas

Series: You are Not Accepted

Host: Jason Micheli

December 9, 2020

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“The language of the church is the language of a people that are in an ongoing endeavor to be witnesses to the truth of Jesus Christ. That truth is not one truth among others but it is the truth that creates all truth. If a person believes that life has meaning and, therefore, there is a way to rightly live, there is no context in which it is intelligible for them to ask if their life has purpose. They exist to glorify God through the words we have been given.” 

From his forthcoming book, Becoming Human, Johanna and Jason discuss Stan’s essay (on Karl Barth) “The Christian Message, the Work of Theology, and the New Humanism.”

Jason thinks this is a very good episode.


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