Episode #11

The Good Life

Guest: Stanley Hauerwas

Series: You Are Not Accepted

Host: Jason Micheli

July 1, 2020

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“The church has simply failed to help people live in a manner such that we would want no other life than the life we have lived.Such lives may well be filled with suffering and failures, but suffering and failures are not blocks to having lived a good life.To have lived a good life is to have lived in a manner that we hope we can be remembered by those have found our lives crucial for making it possible for them to want no other life than the life they have been given.

To want no other life than the life we have lived, a life that often has moments of failures and betrayals, is made possible for Christians because our lives can be located in a determinative narrative that makes it possible for us to make sense even of those aspects of our life about which we are not sure we can or should make sense.”

For the latest episode of You Are Not Accepted, we discuss Stan the Man’s 2016 essay, “The Good Life,” which can be found in his collection, Minding the Web.

Jason Micheli

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