Episode #267

We ARE the Worst of All

Guest: David Bentley Hart

Series: Crackers and Grape Juice

Host: Jason Micheli

July 10, 2020

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“The true story is first and foremost the story of those that human memory has accorded no names: the poor, the rejected, the despised, the enslaved. These abandoned persons more or less exclusively are the whole center of a proper Christian understanding of the past, and so of a proper Christian desire for the future…to know how to tell history, and to frame it theologically, is like learning to discern a picture cunningly concealed within another picture, a puzzle or a hidden pattern, the true history of the Kingdom, which none can see except those who know (by faith) to look for it.”

The one, the only David Bentley Hart joins Jason and Dr. Johanna Hartelius to talk about his latest book, Theological Territories: A David Bentley Hart Digest. In particular, we talk about an essay included in the Digest that’s timely for our current cultural moment of historical re-examination, “The Story of the Nameless: The Use and Abuse of History for Theology.”

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