You Are not Accepted Series

Episode #3

You Are Not Accepted

Host: Johanna Hartelius

January 29, 2020

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Grace does not name an ontological possibility available to anyone apart from God’s self-disclosure and the mediation of God’s elect people. More is at stake in God’s Kingdom than accepting acceptance. The poor do not want God to accept the oppressor; they want God to destroy the oppressor. They know we are at war with powers who know nothing of a God who would rule the world from a cross.

— Stanley Hauerwas

For our third episode, Dr. Johanna, Jason, and Teer talk about Stanley Hauerwas’ essay whence the pod series name came, “You Are Not Accepted.” The piece is Stanley’s rejection of Paul Tillich’s famous sermon “You Are Accepted” and featured in his book, Unleashing the Scriptures. This provocative critique of the uses and abuses of Scripture in the American church shows how liberal (historical-critical) and fundamentalist (literal) approaches to biblical scholarship have corrupted our use of the Bible. Hauerwas argues that the Bible can only be understood in the midst of a disciplined community of people, where the story is actually lived out by dedicated practitioners.


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