The Logic of Our Trinitarian Faith

by Phillip Cary

Length: 24:21

Daniel 7, Philippians 2, Acts 2  (click to see Scripture text)

October 3, 2021

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For Annandale United Methodist Church’s 175th Anniversary, Dr. Phillip Cary, Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University, preached on the oneness of the three-personned God.

Here’s the logic thread he uses in the sermon:

1. The Father is God.

2. The Son is God. 

3. The Holy Spirit is God. 

Then come three propositions which indicate that these are not just three names for the same thing (ruling out the heresy known as Modalism or Sabellianism): 

4. The Father is not the Son.

5. The Son is not the Holy Spirit. 

6. The Holy Spirit is not the Father.  

Finally there is the clincher, which gives the doctrine its distinctive logic: 

7. There is only one God.  


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