A Sermon for Every Sunday: Confessions of a Bad Christian

In this Sunday’s sermon, “Low Anthropology,” from James 3:1-12, Jason Micheli, pastor of Annandale United Methodist Church in Annandale, Virginia, begins by quoting an essay entitled Confessions of a Bad Christian by Harrison Scott Key. Key writes, “The rumors are true. I am a Christian. I go to church. There, I said it…I’m here to confess…I may be a Christian, but I am a very bad one.” Micheli continues, “If you are looking for reliably good Christians, James’s congregation in Jerusalem should be ground zero for Christian perfection…The church in Jerusalem, these were first generation Christians…But, even the best Christians aren’t all that reliably good.” Micheli reminds us that it’s not all about our goodness or lack thereof. He says, “We are always simultaneously sinful and yet justified by grace alone in Christ alone through faith alone.”

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