FUNdamentals: Learning the Creed with Karl Barth

Session 1 of a summer study of the Apostles’ Creed using Karl Barth’s Dogmatics in Outline.

Slides here: Fundamentals


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And here is the prayer by Karl Barth with which we closed, taken from Call for God: New Sermons from the Basel Prison:

Dear Father in Heaven! We thank you that we can recognize you, for you yourself tell us who you are and what you want We thank you for accompanying us over every hill and into every valley of our lives. We thank you for allowing us all to take you at your word and to find  and to love the firm foundation and the eternal source of all good in you.

Preserve us from all stupidity, depression, and thoughtlessness which might be temptations for us. Help us to wait, when there just is no chance to hurry– to put up with what has been laid upon us- not to despise the good because we wish for better! Cheer us with the freedom which no person can give another, but which no person can take from us either!

And now we call to you and pray together; for all who are in prison around the world, for our relatives near and far, for patients- and for doctors and nurses who tend them- for all who are in mourning, for teachers and their pupils and for young people in their years of tradition, for those who write for newspapers, for the authorities of our city and for our country- for statesmen east and west- for the Christian churches in their different forms, for the people of Israel, for the proclaimers of the Gospel- both among the unbaptized and the baptized heathens in the entire world.

You know what is needed everywhere.

And we know that with you is help in abundance.

Open our hearts, then our hands will not remain empty!

So we offer out thanks and requests to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom you have made it possible for us to stand upon the earth, to see heaven open, and to look forward to the day when he will come again in great glory to make all things new. Amen.


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